A creative mixture of poetry, art, podcasts, Bible study resources, and discipleship to help Christian's grow deeper in their relationship with God.  

  • Life Coaching

    Be coached on how to manage difficult situations, move towards self improvement, grow in your skills and accomplish your dreams, all with the understanding and perspective of God and His great plan for our lives.


  • Podcast

    A Christian podcast that aims to unravel the Word of God and discover His will for our lives. Combining both Psychology and Christian theology, it helps us better understand the bible, how we were created, why we think and act the way we do, and how to live following the will of God for our life. 


  • Articles

    Thought-provoking articles, poems, and theological pieces to encourage us to dig deep into the self-reflection, and bettter understand the heart of our Creator Lord. 


  • Christian Products

    Poetry books, wall art, prophetic poems and screen backgrounds that help cultivate a sense of purpose, identity and connection with God.


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Owner of Seeking Truth Collective Emma Jane Catchpole Mental Health Professional Christian Life Coach Counsellor

About Us

Emma Catchpole is a qualified mental health professional who specialises in empowering Christians to increase their spiritual and personal growth.

Emma is passionate about helping people grow deeper in their relationship with God, discover their natural giftings and go after their God-given dreams.

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