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FREE Christian Life Coaching (one-on-one)

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Christian life-coaching will give you the opportunity to address and work through the problems and challenges you face day to day, have accountability of growth towards God, and receive guidance on how to accomplish the dreams and visions God has placed on your heart. Sessions are currently FREE for a limited time (valued at $200). 

This is a great alternative if you are looking for a Christian counsellor or Christian psychologist. 

Your goals can be about any area of your life, but may include:

  • pursuing your dreams and God's purpose for you
  • improving ability to hear his voice and discern his will
  • parenting in a biblical and psychologically supported way
  • time-management skills
  • increasing relationship and intimacy with God
  • improving your ability to mentor and disciple others
  • improving relationships with friends, family, or partner
  • improving emotional resilience and regulation


Sessions will last for one hour and will:

1. Discuss your current areas of concern

2. Explore the barriers and challenges to accomplishing the goals you want

3. Identify the plans, skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals

4. Provide accountability to support continued growth over time


Emma is a qualified mental health professional who is currently studying a Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology and Christian lifecoaching course. Emma has a passion for understanding the human mind, emotional awareness, relational skills, discerning God's vision and purpose for our lives, overcoming fears towards change, and harnessing our God-given gifts to make a meaningful impact in the world. 

DISCLAIMER: These sessions are offered free as part of training and skill development towards accreditation. Participation in these sessions will require formal consent prior to commencement.