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Fear and Doubt Pack

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A Resource Pack that breaks down two key areas that influence our relationship with God.

1) Trusting and doubting God

2) Fear and anxiety in our every day

How can we be Christians and still struggle with anxiety ? Is this a sin ? How do I overcome this and live the life God intended for me ? What if I'm doubting God cares for me and is there for me? What if I'm doubting God's goodness or am struggling to trust Him to make a way?

The Fear and Doubt Pack answers these questions and more , and includes:

  • Video: Fear and Doubt in our relationship with God
  • Video: Doubting God exists
  • Video: Anxiety and its origins
  • Video: The Spirit of Fear and how to overcome it 
  • Printable: Fear and Doubt scripture
  • Printable: Anxiety scripture
  • Printable: Anxiety: how it works and how to overcome it booklet

All content is digital and is accessed through the Seeking Truth Collective platform. You will need to create an account before purchasing in order to access your bundle.